Jason Armstrong

Jason ArmstrongInformation Technology Leader with strong leadership qualifications and extensive technical hands-on experience.  Over 20 years of continuous advancement and experience in implementation of enterprise-grade applications, services, service platforms, and architectures related to the full stack of system and application solutioning.  Proven experience in designing and delivering technology infrastructure and software that include cloud solutions, container-based orchestrators, caching technologies, and API Gateways as highly available systems.

Specialties: Full Stack Architecture, Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, Cloud Strategy with Azure, Scaled Agile/Scrum & Kanban, Automation/DevOps, Vendor Management, Service/Microservices, Container Orchestration, Continuous Deployment, Leading Global DevOps Teams, API Gateways and Throttling, Security/Compliance Services, High TPS/Low Latency, Site Reliability Engineering

Director Software Development Engineering, Distributed Systems & Cloud

Collaborate with executives, enterprise architects, and development leaders across Travelport’s technology organization to build cutting edge, highly available, auto-scalable, and globally distributed container orchestrator platforms and service software with exceptionally low latency transaction times and high throughput by leveraging Red Hat OpenShift based on Kubernetes, API Gateways, and Jenkins pipelines onto Azure Cloud IaaS.

Manager of Software Development, Distributed Systems

Led multiple on-shore and off-shore technical teams consisting of Server, Network, Security, Storage, Mail, Proxy, Development, and DevOps engineers in the implementation, running, and 24×7 support of a complex set of platforms ranging from vendor-supported to fully-customized solutions

Senior Lead Software Developer, Distributed Systems

Led a senior technical team of java developers and consultants in the delivery of a keystone web services system that drove Travelport into the world of Travel Commerce Platforms and has enabled the ability for mainframe functions normally exposed to our customers to be accessed by XML-SOAP based API calls.  The system and its services are still the primary backbone for API exposure to Travelport customers.

Software Development Engineer, Enterprise Software

Led the effort to design, implement, and support a java-based platform that provides corporate traveler rules-based booking services using WebSphere environment to support 150,000 corporate travelers throughout the world. Additionally, provided WebSphere configuration management, project management, and overall deployment architecture and planning for the project.